Flute Haven — Staff

We make it our goal to provide the best program of Native American flute instruction … which is easy because we love putting on Flute Haven each year!

This year will be our 14th year working together. We all have extensive experience in music facilitation and we have used that experience to develop a cohesive program centered on humanistic music education. This page tells a bit about each of us …

Flute Haven Staff

Also … see Jon Norris on the Flute-Makers in Residence page!

Clint Goss

Clint Goss

Clint Goss, Ph.D. is a trained music facilitator and performer on world flutes and an array of ethnic fusion world instruments. Clint and his wife, Vera, have facilitated energetic and inspirational Native American flute workshops since 2003. They bring out the musical potential in all participants, focusing on techniques that make music expression accessible to players with all levels of musical experience.

Clint and Vera have facilitated over 100 multi-day Native Flute schools in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Central America, and New Zealand as well as general music workshops at The Omega Institute, Stony Point, and Kiental, Switzerland. Yearly music workshops currently include Flute Haven, Flute Harvest, Native Rhythms, Zion Canyon, and Flute Life in Tokyo. Clint also presents on topics such as Flutes and Human Development, Flutes: Health and Healing, Flute Playing Physiology, and the Origins of Music.

Clint has recorded and produced over 20 CDs since 2006 on his Manifest Spirit label, with a heavy emphasis on music enrichment and education. These have included SpiritGrass, the Jam Tracks series for flute players, The Darling Conversations by Grammy®-winning artist David Darling and Julie Weber, The Listening Book and The Musical Life with William A. Mathieu, Alba with Eugene Carr, Mystic Song with Lynn Miller, From War to Peace with Ani Kalayjian, and Flute Haven Journeys with the participants of Flute Haven 2012.

Here is an improvisation over a Gary Cope background track, recorded at Flute Haven 2014 on one of the recording kiosks we have used at workshops:

… and here is the track Resonator by Clint Goss, Jim Oshinsky, David Rudge, and Eugene Carr:


Over the last decade, Clint has developed Flutopedia.com, an expansive resource for flute players, flute makers, and researchers of the Native American flute. He has also published original research in psychophysiology, respiratory physiology, and ergonomics related to music and the Native American flute.

Clint holds a certificate in music facilitation from the Music for People organization, a Ph.D. in computer science from Courant Institute, New York University, and FAA flight instructor and commercial pilot certificates.


Lynn Miller

Lynn Miller

Lynn provides a supportive atmosphere for opening your natural voice. Through fun vocal warm-ups and improvisation structures, she assists in freeing inhibitions and broadening expression with the goal of “singing through your flute”.

Lynn is a trained music facilitator, music therapist, and is on the staff of Music for People, a four-year training program in music improvisation.

SpiritArts by Lynn Miller

In 2008, Lynn released Mystic Song, an exploration of world music that draws on the flavors of tradition from around the globe.

Here is Lynn's track Ananda from the SpiritGrass CD:

In 2013, Lynn published “SpiritArts — Transformation through Creating Art, Music and Dance”, a resource to help the reader develop a spiritual practice through art-making and to develop art-making through a spiritual path.

Lynn facilitates vocal improvisation groups in France, Switzerland, Italy and the U.S.


Ron Kravitz

Ron Kravitz

Ron is the creator of Music in the Moment improvisational workshops for everyone, is producer of Underground At Ron's, his house concert series that showcases the talents of local, regional & national artists from a variety of creative domains, facilitates Vocal Groove Improvisations and is also long time percussionist for the Group Motion dance improvisation workshop in Philadelphia.

At Flute Haven, Ron coaches players on integrating their own natural inner rhythm into their music. His workshops give players an opportunity to jam with rhythm instruments in ensembles and jam sessions.

Here is an excerpt from a track by Ron on the album Improvising Classical Music:

He can be contacted at ron@MusicInTheMoment.com.



Ron Volkman

Ron Volkman

Ron began his music career in Chicago 35 years ago as a professional trombone player, playing for many well-known performers and occasionally touring the country. More recently, he was drawn to the sounds of the Australian Didgeridoo and Native American Flute and was compelled to begin playing these beautiful instruments.

Ron's sessions at Flute Haven focus on breath control and development, and exploring the styles used on various instruments at his command.

During the past year, he has been a regular performer at ceremonies, weddings, and improv groups. He is a regular member of Rati Bhava Band, a local Kirtan group, where he combines the sounds of the Native American Flute with this Eastern tradition. Ron takes great joy in sharing this journey with others, and believes that everyone is a musician and can find the joy in sharing even a single note with others.

Here is Ron's track Dance of the Heart:

Vera Shanov

Vera Shanov

In a room full of flute players, Vera provides counterpoint — percussion and rhythm to accompany melodic flute, performance art such as poetry, or the use of visualization and emotion in creating deep music. She makes everyone in the workshop feel comfortable with themselves and their music. Coming from a marketing background, she brings a perspective of “knowing your audience” and encourages flute players to expand their musical repertoire of styles so that they can serve a wider audience.

Vera is the guiding force in organizing flute workshops. She is the registrar for Flute Haven, and greets all registrants with a hug and a kiss and makes them feel immediately welcome. Vera provides all the information for workshops in terms of schedules and workshop descriptions. If there are any issues during a session, Vera is the “go to” person who will get the matter resolved.