Flute Digital Resources

Clint & Vera's Native Flute HandbookThe Flute Digital Resource (FDR) package is an extensive set of videos, audio tracks, documents in PDF format, images, fonts, and other digital items that are useful for facilitating flute circle gatherings and other music workshops.

The current package fits on a 65GB USB drive, provided as part of the Flute Haven registration.


These materials include virtually every digital item used in the 100+ flute workshops led by Clint and Vera over the last 15 years. A complete catalog is provided with the FDR package.


Various formats are used, depending on the type of content.


Text material is provided in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format). These can be displayed and printed on a wide variety of devices and computer systems.


Digital fonts - in particular the Finger Diagram Fonts used for scoring music with finger diagrams - are provided in TTF (TrueType) format.


Digital images are provided in JPG and PNG format.


Digital audio tracks are provided in high-quality (low-compression) MP3 format. The bit rate is typically over 190Kbps, which provides very high quality sound and a reasonable file size.


We provide digital video in MP4 and WMV formats. Customized versions of the FluteCast videos (suitable for use in workshops) are provided in both WMV format and several versions of MP4 format with different screen resolutions - letting you use the best version appropriate to your display settings.

Use of the FDR

There is a wide range of licensing and copyright restrictions on the digital items in the FDR - from Public Domain to Restricted Use. You may use all the content for your own personal use, and you may show it in non-public educational settings such as flute circles and music workshops, consistent with the doctrines of Fair Use or Fair Dealing that apply. However, you may not distribute the digital content in the FDR package to any other person, by any means.